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                                                                         Itchy and Scratchy?
One of the most common issues among our clients is that their dog has itchy skin.  We have tried a number of shampoos,
conditioners, and other products to do the best we can to address the problem.  The best approach to this is often a comprehensive one,
involving your veterinarian, groomer and possibly some changes at home.  Grass, pollen, food and obviously fleas are all possible factors
affecting your dog's skin condition.
When we groom your dog, we always use a high quality hypo-allergenic shampoo that is free of fragrance and other possible irritants.  We do have other
options, but have been advised against oatmeal by a number of skin and coat experts.  Note: If you are bathing your dog at home, we recommend a fragrance free, non-oatmeal, hypo-allergenic shampoo that is made for pets.  Our skin and our pet's skin have  different PH levels, and shampoos made for people should not be used on your pets. We also have a therapeutic shampoo that contains aloe, tee tree oil, and other ingredients to calm and soothe the skin.  We will also bathe your pet in a prescription shampoo you receive from your vet. When you come in for your appointment we can dicuss the best plan for keeping your dog's skin healthy and itch-free.
The following is a link to a more thourough discussion of allergies in pets.