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Your pet is always welcome at our house! (864) 370-8040
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Note:  While I was working on this page I walked away from the computer for a moment. 

Stevie decided to sit on the keyboard... and mysteriously all content was deleted from this page.

Stevie and I will be working to rebuild this page.  Please bear with us.

                     I'm completely innocent...


                                           Barney  (1999-2012)   We miss him every day.                                                                               Irwin



                                         Riley                                                                                                                                                 Shealy




                   Chloe and Maxwell have been together a long time                                                                   They like to snuggle




                                 Donovan (2004-2008)   I miss him!                                                                                                  Riley gets into everything




                             Jewell  loves the perch                                                                                          Gracie is silly



                           Harold and Little Sister (rescued and now living indoors)



                             Shealy and Riley help each other keep clean                                                                Barney and Irwin love to play in the yard