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Remembering Vinny
 Vinny liked to play fetch.....
We are currently not accepting new cat clients...
but if we have groomed your kitty before, please do come back!  
We love cats, and each of us shares a home with some wonderful feline roomates.  
If you've visited us at the salon you might have met our shop kitties who have
won the hearts of a few clients who admit that they aren't even really "cat people". 
Don't cats bathe themselves?
Though we have all seen our kitties bathing themselves (especially in front of visitors) cats do

occasionally need to be professionally groomed.  Each cat is different depending on breed, length

of coat, lifestyle, health, weight, and other factors.  A long-haried cat that spends a lot of time

outdoors will typically need grooming more frequently than a short-haired kitty that stays inside.

Some kitties are with weight issues may have trouble reaching all areas that need attention.  

Grooming will also help with shedding, which all cat owners know is often an endless battle.  We have

come to appreciate cat hair on our clothing as an enviable fasion accessory.  :)


The "dander" that is produced in a cat's coat is actually the result of saliva that dries after they

have groomed themselves.  Most cat allergies are not caused by cat hair, but by a protein (FEL D1)

in the cat's saliva. When a cat grooms itself, it deposits this protein on its fur, and we all know how

kitty's fur likes to attach to carpet, furniture and clothing.  Bathing your kitty may help to reduce the

presence of this protein and give some releif to anyone in your family who suffers from allergies.


Cats have naturally oily skin which can often make them look frumpy and dirty.  This greasiness 

also causes the shedding hair to stick in the coat and cause tangles and mats.  Mats are very

unpleasant for your kitty, and the sooner you intervene in the cycle the better.  If you find that

your kitty's coat needs attention, we will be glad to provide our services.  We use a special degreasing

shampoo that is safe for cats and helps to thouroughly clean their coat.  If the mats are really bad, we

may have to give kitty a haircut to make him or her feel and look better.


We received training while in grooming school, and have also attended continuing education
seminars (most recently in March of 2009) that provided excellent information about safety
and properly grooming cats.  There are important differences between grooming dogs and
grooming cats, and we are well prepared for any challenges involved in grooming kitties. 

Bathtime - don't cats hate water?

Yes. It is no secret that generally, cats are not big fans of water.  In our experience however,

most of them don't mind the bathing process all that much.  We have our tub set up with safe

and secure restraints to keep kitty calm and contained to one place.  We always talk to the kitty

in a soothing voice, and try to get the bath done as quickly as possible. 



We try to brush mats out, but sometimes this isn't an option.  In order for your kitty to be mat-free

and still look beautiful, we might need to give him a haircut.  When you bring your kitty in to see us,

we will talk with you to determine your cat's needs and how you would like his haircut to look. 



Nail Trim

Also known as weapons of mass destruction, your kitty's claws will need trimming regularly in order to

limit damage to your home and injuries to both you and your kitty. Those things are sharp!  At the very

least, we recommend your kitty get regular nail trims, even if you don't think he or she needs a bath.  If you are unable to complete this task at home, we will be happy to help you.