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House of Paws Pet Salon

Your pet is always welcome at our house! (864) 370-8040
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Click on the first letter of a pet's name to find his or her photo:
When we first opened....
we tried to take photos of every pet before they went home.  Since we have
gotten busier (which is a good thing!)  we are often pressed for time and often do not
take photos anymore.  We would love to feature your pet on this page!  
Send us your favorite photo of your pet, and we will post it!
Send submissions to:
Don't forget to include your pet's name!
If you do not wish to email your photo, simply remind us and we will take a
photo of your pet the next time he or she visits the salon! If you would like to
save one of our photos to your computer, simply right-click on the photo, and then
click "save picture as" and you will be able to save it in your files.