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House of Paws Pet Salon

Your pet is always welcome at our house! (864) 370-8040
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Remembering Vinny
 Mi-Xiu has been a regular since she was a puppy!
House of Paws $10 Puppy Special
Do you have a new furry family member?  It is ideal to begin
early getting your puppy used to being groomed.  The sooner
he or she gets used to the process, the less stressful it will
be as your puppy gets older.
If your dog is less than 6 months old, bring him or her in for the
House of Paws puppy special!  If your pet needs a haircut or dematting
additional charges will apply.   We will gradually increase the price of
your dog's grooming as he/she grows up!  Call for an appointment
or if you have any questions. 
     (864) 370-8040