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House of Paws Pet Salon

Your pet is always welcome at our house! (864) 370-8040
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House of Paws Groomers
We are both animal lovers, and that is why we chose to change careers
and learn to groom pets.  We each have our own "zoo" at home, complete
with both doggies and kitties (and now Debra has a toddler too!)
                 Debra (& Vinny)                                   Andrea (& Lacie)
We are the owners and the groomers.  We do it all!  We answer the phone, make appointments, walk the
dogs, clean up doggie accidents, and somehow find the time to bathe and groom the dogs too!  We take
pride in our work and have a passion for what we do.  This isn't "just a job", we are providing a service
for you and your furry family members and we take it seriously.  We love to make your pets look and feel
better, and we appreciate your business!
We both earned Certificates in Small Animal Care from Greenville Technical College, and graduated with
honors. We attend the Atlanta Pet Fair in March of each year (since 2007), and we attended SuperGroom in
Las Vegas, NV in 2007 & 2008 in order to gain additional skills and training. 
We have both completed training in Pet CPR and First Aid.