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Regular nail trims are important to 
your pet’s health!

 Besides the damage they can do to you and your home, your pets nails are also important to her overall health and comfort. Properly trimmed nails will make walking and running more comfortable for your pet.  Neglected nails can lead to ingrown nails, foot splay, bad posture, soreness and injuries to the leg, as well as pain or infection.  Long nails can grow and curl under so that your pet is actually walking on her toenails instead of her pawpads!  This is painful, and very easily preventable.  If your pet does not need a bath, you may still bring her in for just a nail trim.  Of course, if your pet comes in for a bath or a groom, she will get a nail trim.  We will also smooth out the rough surface of the nail to make it less likely to scratch you, your floors, and your pets skin!