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Your pet is always welcome at our house! (864) 370-8040
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What do I need to know before bringing my dog for grooming?

~We will make an effort to walk your pet when needed, but it helps if they are walked prior to arrival!

             To make sure your dog is comfortable during his or her grooming, please walk your

             dog before your appointment!  We have a grassy area next to the parking lot that is

              convenient for a quick potty walk. Let us know if you need a

              bag for clean-up.






~ Please have your pet on a leash.

For everyone's safety, your  pet needs to be contained and in your

            control at all times.  We do not use your  leash when we walk them, (we use a non-slip lead), but we

            are happy to hold on to your leash  so you do not forget to bring if when you return.

  • For your first visit, we need up-to-date vaccination records including Rabies and Distemper.

            This often appears on your vet record in abbreviated form such as "DHPP" or "DHLPP"

            We can call your vet to verify dates if you are unable to find the

            paperwork, but your pet must be current on vaccinations! If there are special circumstances and your

            vet has advised you to not vaccinate your pet, we simply need to verify this with your vet.

  • Feel free to bring a toy, blanket, or other item that may make your

            pet feel more relaxed while visiting with us.  We will place the item

            in the crate with them while they are here.


Just to let you know....
  • Dogs will be provided water while in our care, but they are usually not interested in food while

            resting in the kennel. 

  • We often give small treats to pets while they are here or when they leave.  Please let us know

               if your pet has dietary restrictions or you do not wish for your pet to have treats while he is here.