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Remembering Vinny
     Remembering Vinny
Within two weeks of opening our salon, a kind stranger
came through our door with a black and white kitten in a
cardboard Clorox 2 box.  She had found him in the parking
lot, and wanted to know if we might be looking for him.  He was
not ours, but we agreed to keep him in case he was just
lost.  It didn't take long for us to fall in love with this sweet little
boy, and since no one seemed to be missing him, he
became our "shop kitty". 
We hadn't been open long and business was still slow, so Vinny
got lots of attention.  He kept us company, and we entertained each
other.  As our business grew busier, we continued to make time
for Vinny.  He spent many afternoons on the counter, and liked to
greet everyone as they came through the door.  Many customers
would comment that they had never been "cat people" but that they
loved Vinny.  He quickly became our salon mascot, and he never met
a stranger.
For those of you who knew Vinny, you might recall that he had a unique
love of earlobes.  He would regularly seek us out (and on occasion, an
unsuspecting client) so that he could nibble on our earlobes.  This was
something we assumed he would outgrow once he became an adult
kitty, but we were quite mistaken!  Vinny insisted on indulging in this
activity, and would help himself whenever he found himself in close
proximity to one of our ears.  Since it was so cute and seemed make him
happy, we ignored the slobber and let him nibble.
In the summer of 2008, we added Stevie to the House of Paws family.  She and
Vinny were instant friends, and they kept one another company at night.  They also
enjoyed having wild parties after the salon closed, and we would open the doors the
next morning to find the evidence.  Shredded paper towels, and just about
anything that had originally been on the counter would be in the floor.  Although we learned
quickly to hide the paper towels under the counter, we didn't mind the mess too much
because we knew they were having fun! 

Vinny's short life came to an end when he died suddenly from what appeared to be
a heart condition.  He never had any symptoms, and was never ill.  The vet said it must have been something
he had from birth, and nothing could have been done to prevent it.  After growing to love Vinny and having him
be part of each work day, it is difficult to accept that he is gone.  We take comfort in knowing that we gave him a
safe and loving home during his short life.  We will always miss him, but will never
forget our little Vinny! 
Special thanks to Bonnie Hendrickson, the kind soul who rescued Vinny and brought him to us.
Thank you for caring about animals!
~Andrea and Debra
To view our collection of Vinny photos, click here.