Bathing and Grooming Services

Everyone gets a bath! This includes: 

Premium shampoo and conditioner, nail trim and smoothing, ear cleaning, a sanitary trim, trimming of hair between paw-pads and removal of hair in the ear canal if necessary (some breeds don't need this).  

Your pet will have a bath, and will rest in a kennel with a dryer blowing him dry.  We do not use any dryers that contain heating elements because they can lead to overheating and dehydration. The dryers that we use simply recirculate the air in the room, which is kept at a comfortable temperature. 

Once they are dry, they are either brushed (perhaps neatened up here and there) and ready to go, or they will move on to getting their haircut!  

A full grooming includes everything described above, as well as a haircut. We will talk with you to determine how you would like your pet's coat trimmed or shaved.  You are welcome to show us photos if needed. If your dog's coat is matted we will likely need to cut them short in order to avoid the stress that de-matting can cause.

All of our products are compatible with spot-on flea control products so they will not wash away when your pet has a bath.  We have shampoos to help with itchy or irritated skin, or fleas, but our standard shampoo is very mild and hypo-allergenic.  It gets them squeaky clean without ingredients that might aggravate skin issues.
Let us know if your pet has a skin condition and is in need of any of our special shampoos. We only purchase and use products that are cruelty-free and are never tested on animals (of course we use them on animals, but you know what we mean!).


Please note that factors like the condition of your dog's coat as well as his or her temperament during grooming may result in additional charges.